Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Masterchef Live and Dining with @SaraDanesin

Ciao Amici

Gosh, once again I am long time between blogs!!
So, what has happened since the last time I blogged??

Well to start with I did the 'Masterchef live' experience at the Good Food Show live at Birmingham NEC,
and what an experience that was!! I cooked for John and Greg my Silver Mullet recipe with a refined recipe from the last time I cooked it. Still I didn't win though.. but never mine... one day!! lol
I also met Andi Peters and Sara from Masterchef..

As well as been busy with all my Gusto Italiano market stalls, private dinner parties and getting ready for christmas, myself, my fiancee and my in-laws went had a 'Dining Club' experience.. These are quite popular and trendy down in London and Sarah from Masterchef has started the trend in York.. This was a fantastic
idea and a great night, with great food and good company and is something I may think about starting myself in the future.. My papa does a similar at home in Sardinia and he told if I ever get chance to do something myself over here..

Sara's menu started off with a canape of dried bread with Quail egg and truffle, then a starter of Aubergine Parmigiana with a vine tomato and Taggiasche olive concasse.. The main course was Partridge Risotto with Black Truffle. Finally a dessert of Alphonso Mango with passion fruit glace, Cocnut chocolate Pannacotta and black olive caramel..

When I read the menu, I was interested to see sample the Parmigiana and Risotto as they are both dishes I cook regularly myself.. At the end of the night after tasting the dishes, I was left speechless.. but fully satisified.. It was all delicious!

This is an experience I would fully recommend and if it is something you are interested in trying then go to 

But expect I long waiting list!! but it is worth the wait!! :)

Well, that is all for now. I wish you all a Buon Natale and a Happy New Year!!



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