Thursday, 21 April 2011

So, this is my first blog..
Let me tell you a bit myself.

My name is Mario and I am nearly 29 years old. I have a beautiful wife to be and 2 fantastic little boys.

I am the eldest of 4 kids from a Sardinian family. My father is a fisherman in the small village of Cannigione.

I moved to beautiful Yorkshire in 2001 to learn English and fell in love with Yorkshire and met my wife to be.

I enjoy many things in life, but the one thing I am passionate about is cooking and my aim is to turn that passion into a successful business and who knows, maybe one day I will attain my dream of becoming a TV Chef..

I have stalls at many farmers markets throughout West and North Yorkshire where I sell classic homecooked Italian food using local Yorkshire produce when I can.

On my blog, I hope to share the steps I take to reach my dreams, and also some of the dishes I love to cook.

Ciao for now



  1. Sounds like a wonderful start :) Looking forward to seeing some great recipes!!