Thursday, 5 May 2011

Sunshine, birthday and BBQ

The weekend just past saw yet another long bank holiday weekend, here in the UK and the weather, while not as hot as the Easter weekend, was still warm with bright sunshine.

While most people were caught up with the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Wedding (I am fast learning that nobody quite does pomp and ceremony like the British..) we had our own special day to celebrate in our household, with the 6th birthday of my eldest son, Raffaele.

A house full of screaming kids all enjoying themselves playing on the Bouncy castle, swings and slides or taking part in a treasure hunt or on the PiƱata. While their parents relaxed with a drink in the sunshine…. All while yours truly was slaving away behind the BBQ cooking buffalo burgers from Yorkshire, sausages, vegetable kebabs.  With seafood salads and mozzarella salads, puff pastry filled with beef and spinach and ricotta and lots more, I made sure there was enough choice for everybody. Not to mention the big, homemade, chocolate cake inspired by the fantastic Yummy Yank to finish off with.

The day was a huge success.

Sign in next time  for the recipe of a dish I prepared and cooked on 'Britains Best Dish'

Ciao for now


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